Industry first SaaS Control-Plane

Turn software into cloud software

The JovianX adds multi-tenancy, release management, subscription management, and billing to turn software into fully managed cloud services and SaaS applications,  Easily leverage Kubernetes and cloud-native infrastructure.

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Cloud-native technology stack

We love the cloud

JovianX supports all modern cloud-native technology stacks and cloud infrastructure, including Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Kubernetes, Helm,  and Docker among others. Easily integrates with common cloud services such as Slack, PagerDuty, HubSpot, and others.

Popular Use-Cases

Here's how companies use the JovianX Platform?

SaaS Applications

Build and operate SaaS applications, manage accounts, subscriptions, and billing, while providing a full self-service experience. 

Fully-Managed Services

Provide customers a fully managed application experience. Operate and manage tenant accounts and application runtime. 

MSP / MSSP Providers

Manage software solutions for your customers, automate, monitor, log, and remediate your customers' production software.  

Technical Sales Enablement

Enable sales teams and solution architects. Create product PoCs, Product Demos, and Product Trials, with pre-loaded use cases.

JovianX is a feature-rich platform that allows you to offer amazing cloud services. 

JovianX - Product Overview[short] (37)
JovianX - Product Overview[short] (31)
JovianX - Product Overview[short] (27)
How it works?

Bring Your application

Onboard your software product to JovianX, The JovianX Platform turns your software product into a fully managed SaaS application. 
Use your own CI/CD and your cloud infrastructure to run your cloud service. 

Tenant Management

Your customers or internal teams can create tenant accounts, manage account subscriptions, manage billing and billing plans (We love single-tenant applications too).

Application Lifecycle Managment

JovianX manages the entire application stack life-cycle, taking care of deployment, upgrading, service health, remediation, alerting, auditing, and more. All on Kubernetes and cloud-native infrastructure.

Self Service

JovianX provides a robust self-service, white-label customer console, for your customers to create accounts, managed their own subscriptions, and their billing.


Jovian X is a customer centric company

Yoav Einav

VP Product Management, GigaSpaces
"JovianX shortened the time to market, so we were able to introduce the Cloud SaaS offering within 3 months. The JovianX platform enables us to focus on our core product, without all the management and administrative overhead."

Eran David

VP Research and Development, MySinglePoint
“With the JovianX platform, we were able to convert our company product, which was designed for on-prem, to a cloud service with minimal investment and a rapid time to market. The JovianX team was extremely supportive throughout the process.”

Maxim Reizelman

CTO, Centerity
"By Using the JovianX platform we were able to focus on developing our product to be SaaS ready instead of concerning ourselves with overhead like: Billing, Deployment, Management etc."