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JovianX Platform

Focus on building your product and scaling your business. 
Don’t waste time on reinventing management software.

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Keep Focus

You are an expert in your field, stay focused on your mission. 

Eliminate risks

Many research projects fail, get started with the end in mind.

Save time and money

Onboard customers as soon as tomorrow, at no time-to-market.

The Platform

How it works

Adding tenancy to your software

Tenant Management

JovianX allows you to manage your customer tenant accounts. We fully support single-tenant applications, transforming them into multi-tenant applications. 

Let customers access your product

Self-Service hosted Customer Console

Our fully whitelabel Self-Service Customer Console Let your customers sign up for your service, access their accounts, configure application settings, and handle billing information.

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Onboard your applications to JovianX

Application Template Blueprints

JovianX has a simple-to-use and robust templating language that allows you to onboard your applications to JovianX and turn your application into a cloud service. We natively support Kubernetes applications, helm charts, and RESTful APIs. 

Get paid by your subscribers

Subscription Billing

JovianX supports Stripe, PayPal and BlueSnap billing providers,  manage subscriptions billing, charge, and generate invoices.

Engage customers throughout their lifecycle

Customer Email Notifications

Send automatic email notifications to your users throughout their experience with your service. Welcome new users, update users on service updates, remind users on trial expiration and more. 

You are in control of your clouds

Your own cloud Infrastructure

JovianX supports Google GKE, Amazone EKS, Microsoft AKS, and Oracle OKE, and custom Kubernetes deployments, so you can run your customer workloads in your own cloud account. 

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