JovianX Platform

Focus on building your cloud product and scaling your business. 
Don’t waste time on reinventing cloud management.

Build a Managed Cloud Service

Everything that you need to build a multi-tenant  SaaS product or a fully managed cloud service, in a fast and efficient way, without the headache and extra effort.

Everything you need to manage your SaaS and managed cloud service. Account and subscription management, billing, monitoring and more, all is ready to use out of the box.

Cloud Service Management

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How JovianX works?

1 - Upload Software
Upload your software to Jovianx

Upload Your Software

Start by uploading your application to JovianX platform. The best practice is to containerise the application with helm chart to simple yaml-based blueprint.

2 - Your SaaS is live
Design onboarding experience

Your SaaS is live

JovianX creates an on-demand service of your application. No changes to your code are required.

A simple yaml-based blueprint allows you to define all components of your application and design on-boarding experience for your customers.

3 - Customers Sign Up
Customers sign up

Your Customers Sign Up

Your customers sign-up and subscribe via a fully customisable and white-label console.

Design a hosted sign up/login screen with your logo and brand attributes

4 - Manage your SaaS
Manage your SaaS

Manage Your SaaS Subscriptions

Manage accounts and run your SaaS application. JovianX provide all needed tools built-in out-of-the-box.

End-to-End Solution for your Cloud Service.

White-label login

Hosted signup/login

Fully managed account onboarding with white-label and customizable signup and login console.

Subscription management

Subscription Management

Manage account subscriptions, trial conversions, renewals, and all SaaS metrics .

payment and billing

Billing and plans management

Manage billing plans for subscription business, meter usage consumption and feature based charging.


User Authentication

Built-in authentication and user management, easily invite users, reset passwords, etc’.


Cloud native app management

Built-in management for application runtime: Kubernetes, Serverless, Cloud Databases, API driven.


Service level management

Keep Service Level Objectives (SLOs), maintain the service health by monitoring and collecting logs.


Kubernetes Native - Build cloud services using your app Helm Charts

Build your cloud service using your own helm charts. Seamlessly integrate a continuous delivery with all your feature flags. 

Hosted Customer Console

Allow customers to sign up and pay for your cloud service via the hosted customer console. 

Automatically send customer email notifications

Send email notifications to your customers on signup, trial end, and other events during the life-cycle of the account. 

Run application workload on multiple Kubernetes Clusters (GKE,EKS,AKS)

Send email notifications to your customers on signup, trial end, and other events during the life-cycle of the account. 

Integrate with HubSpot, Slack, and any other cloud serivce.

Connect and integrate with all the cloud services that you use to enable your business. 

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