JovianX SaaS Backend-as-a-Service

JovianX Platform

SaaS Backend-as-a-Service

Everything that you need to build and operate production grade multi-tenant enterprise SaaS, all backend services are already integrated and ready to use right out-of-the-box.

How Does It Work?


Upload your containerized application to JovianX SaaS  Platform, no changes to your code are required.


JovianX creates an on-demand service of your application, allowing your customers to sing-up via a fully customizable and white-label  console.


Your customers can sign-up and subscribe to your service via white-label sing-up console.

Design Customer On-boarding Experience

Design account on-boarding journey.

Blueprint of the service
Customer Sign-Up UI

Your customer experiences native product sign-up.

Main Features


Our platform provides complete isolation between your tenants. No noisy neighbors, no data leakage.

Upgrade Management

Manage automatic or manual software release delivery, and software update roll-outs.


Built-in production grade infrastructure and application monitoring.

Customer Self-Service CONSOLE

Create a self service experience of your product that improves customer satisfaction.

Billing, Accounting, Payments

Choose the pricing characteristics and charge your customers based on consumption.

Logs and Events Collection

Collect all applications logs and events.

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